Anthony's passion for furniture making has been lifelong, but really came to the forefront after entering a nation wide competition in cabinet making. His 500 hour project paid off when his 18th Century scaled bureau bookcase won him first prize; an all expenses paid trip to Florence, Italy. Here he took advantage of, and became inspired by, the many varied and detailed techniques that could be used to produce beautiful, individual, yet functional pieces of furniture. The pediment of Anthony's stunning bureau has now become the icon of his business, Killen Furniture. Now, twelve years into the business, Anthony still prides himself on attention to detail and the use of high quality and unique products.


As well as working as a teacher, Melissa has played many roles within the business including bookkeeping, liaising with customers, designing and even working as a labourer from time to time. Melissa will soon be completing qualifications in Interior Design and is excited about working with Anthony on a new range of custom furniture.



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